Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Swedish Modular Industry Featured in Treehugger

Ever since I toured the Excel factory in Liverpool, PA with Stefan Lindback, owner of LindbackModular in Sweden and Lars Stehn, one of the world's leading experts in timber frame construction as it relates to modular, I have been watching and waiting for others to discover them.

LtR: Stefan Lindback, Gary Fleisher (Modcoach) and Lars Stehn at the Excel factory

That time is rapidly approaching and the US had better get ready for the next wave in modular housing. If what Ikea did for furniture and Lego did for toys is any indication, then factories like LindbackModular can't be far behind.

Here is the March 29th wake up call article in Treehugger:

In Sweden they are building high quality multifamily wood prefabs that we can only dream about here

There are a few things we obsess about on TreeHugger, including modular prefabrication, tall wood construction and digital design. One doesn’t usually find them all in one place in North America, but in Sweden, it’s almost the standard.

Lindb├Ącks, a 90 year old company in northern Sweden, is truly taking modular construction to new heights, cranking out apartments, condos, student housing and seniors buildings a rate of twenty units per week. The modules are 4150 wide [13’-7”] and optimally 8950 [29’-4”] long. The modules look superficially like they are coming out of North American factories, but it is a very different product.

The level of automation in the factory is way beyond anything you see in North America, where framing is done in factories much like it is done in the field. Here it is “screen to machine” – wood is fed into giant patented machines that feed, align and fasten the framing, to any level of complexity. There are no drawings and no tape measures; it’s all automatic, cranking out a wall every seventeen minutes, including windows (in fact the windows are laid down and the wall framed around them) and insulation.

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