Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Modular Tiny House for only $650 a Square Foot

That is not a misprint. And that doesn’t include any options like gold plated faucets or a wine and cheese cooler.

Blu Homes - Lotus Tiny House

Blu Homes, a California-based prefab home manufacturer and one of my favorite modular factories, just launched a new line of micro houses that shoppers can customize on an app and get delivered to their property in a matter of months.

The cost starts at $250,000, depending on the logistics of delivery, installation, and the user's design modifications (options).

The CEO of Blu Homes said he expects many buyers will place the tiny homes as accessory dwelling units on their properties — a legal loophole to sidestep zoning laws.

And listen to this...they can build this 400 sq ft tiny house in only 4 weeks. Can you imagine how many people have to work on this one module Tiny House day and night to get it ready to ship in just 4 weeks. I'm impressed.

That $650 sq ft does not include any site work, utilities, foundation or legal fees when the zoning department tells you to get that Tiny House out of your back yard.

There must be something in that Northern California water that makes this sound like a good deal.


Steve L said...

A small "Single wide" houses built with an IRC code by BLU are expensive. It must be their belief their houses command that kind of pricing.

Robert R said...

for $650 a sqft they could throw in the wine and cheese cooler for free. Even for California that is one helluva price for nothing more than a park model.

Simple and Sustainable said...

I think if you look deep into the history of Blu Homes you would see that they attempted to make a low cost modular home early in their history. As their company has developed, it seems that the only end of the market that generates sufficient profits is the high end. Modern designs in the style of Eames or Ultra Modern for folks who want something unique that could last a very long time, as a second or third home on a unique lot. Based on what I have seen, $650 per sf is targeting more cost conscious buyers than their main line product. I suppose that if you bought some time ago in the SF Bay area or somewhere where prices have inflated far beyond the ability of average buyers, someone who bought a long time ago could use this product as an ADU where properly zoned to create inter-generational housing, let their kids move in to the main house and move into the ADU or rent the ADU out at ridiculous rents to generate the cash flow the owner needs outside of their pension. It will be interesting to see how they do with this product.

Anonymous said...

Who do you think wrote the latest review of blu homes on Glassdoor?