Monday, April 11, 2016

Clayton Buys Site Builder to Get 1,100 Building Lots

It appears that Warren Buffet's Clayton Homes is entering the Atlanta, GA market in a big way buying Chafin Communities, a large regional developer. Chafin builds out communities and their large site built homes are really just cookie cutter types.

That must appeal to Clayton. They paid $50,000,000 for the company and got over 1,100 building lots in the deal. Eric and Daryl Chafin will stay on as will 25 of their employees.

Clayton is on a roll. New York's G&I Homes was acquired earlier this year and now Chafin Communities. Where and when will one of the Big C's (Champion, Clayton and Cavco) strike next?

What will the repercussions be when a deal is inked for one of them to take over a major custom modular home factory as early as the end of this week?

Stay seated, hold onto the bar, we're in for a wild ride this year.

SIDE NOTE: The NJ Modular Boot Camp is April 20th. By that time the dust should be settling and it would be a great place for builders to network about what is happening in our industry. There are still some seats available. CLICK HERE to reserve your seat.

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William aka "Little Bill" said...

Wow Coach, sounds like big happenings in the industry this week. I am glad to know that we have you to keep us informed of what is going on.
Keep up the good work of staying on top of these news breaking events.