Saturday, April 2, 2016

It's Time Reporters Learn the Difference Between Manufactured and Modular Housing

I just read a PR article about manufactured and modular housing entering the mainstream market. The article was apparently written by L.A. “Tony” Kovach, publisher of and advocate for everything HUD.

Typical Nice Looking Manufactured Home

In another attempt by everyone in the HUD arena to try to equate manufactured housing with IRC built modular housing, this article doesn’t even make any distinction between the two. It goes on to say that

"Nonprofits that pave a path to home ownership for the poor have discovered they can build more and better homes in a factory than they ever could manage with traditional construction."

"Stacey Epperson, CEO of the nonprofit Next Step Network discovered more than a decade ago that she could build better quality homes in less than half the time at half the price of the site-built homes she once relied on."

This whole article from the Heading to the very end is about manufactured (HUD) housing but by inserting the word "Modular" into it, our whole industry is being lumped with HUD housing.

It also states that manufactured housing costs about 25% less than site built. That is true for manufactured HUD double wides but not for real modular homes built to a much more stringent standard than HUD.

The modular housing industry must work to keep the manufactured housing people from trying to equate their homes with modular homes. This is injustice to the thousands of true modular home builders and employees of the factories that build these custom homes.

Typical Modular Home Being Set

The term "Modular" must be used to designate any factory built home that follows every and all codes and regulations a site built home must adhere to and not be associated with HUD. It is confusing to new home buyers.

CLICK HERE to read the article by L.A. "Tony" Kovach


Scott Stone said...

I run as fast as I can from the "Modular" word. Way too much baggage associated with mobile/modular/manufactured homes. The "dealer" benefits from blurring the lines. We pay the bill. Really tired of it. I believe, this more than anything else, is holding our industry back. Just within this one blog you talk about custom builders and trailer trash (i.e. the dealer). Until the modular factories ween themselves from the teet of "the dealer" we are forever stuck in the seventies. I often wonder what the true cost of selling to a "dealer" v. a builder is for a factory. When you factor in the real lose of industry growth, the "I'm just the dealer" effect (translation, I'm not responsible for anything), the subsequent lose of credibility with local code enforcement officials (because, you know, we are all the same, right?) and the unending stories of "problems" our industry has as a result of allowing/demanding that the homeowner act as their own general contractor. If the Health Care industry were to follow our lead, they would advocate for "Do It Yourself Surgery". Just consider the savings, right?

Anonymous said...

Scott, what is your point?