Friday, April 29, 2016

NJ Modular Boot Camp - Part 2, the afternoon session

After a morning session filled with Professional Engineers and Mike Shirk, the owner of Hickory Lane, a modular set company, the afternoon session was led of by Norm Hall, the NJ Territory Manager and Factory Built Structures Industry Manager for Simpson Strong-Tie.

Norm Hall
Over the years I’ve heard Norm Hall speak speak at several of my Breakfasts and Boot Camps. Who would think that fasteners could be so fascinating? I no longer build homes but if I did I would know the importance of how modular homes are fastened to the various types of foundations and also from floor to floor thanks to what I've learned from Norm. He is an expert speaker on how to make sure homes don’t roll over in extremely high wind situations like Sandy that hit the NJ coast.

Norm Hall is one of the most knowledgeable people in our industry when it comes to the structural integrity of the home and if you've never had the opportunity to listen to him, you really owe it to yourself to find where he is speaking next and sign up today. He can also talk to you ‘one on one’ about specific hanger and fastening problems.

Stephen Snyder
The featured speaker of the afternoon session was Stephen Snyder, an attorney who specializes in state taxes as applied to modular housing and other areas that affect the modular home builder and industry.

I’ve had Stephen speak at my PA Boot Camp where his topic of writing a strong contract with the homeowner had everyone grabbing their notebooks. This time was no different. Because of his years of working within the modular housing industry he can help builders with problems encountered with factories and customers. He has also worked with many state legislatures in applying sales tax equitably for the factory and the builder. If you are a builder and need solid counsel on modular related matters, contact him before things turn ugly.

Brian Flook
The Keynote Speaker of the day was Brian Flook, owner of Power Marketing. He has spoken many times at the International Builder's Show and is an advocate of the entire building industry.

Since this is the first time Brian has spoken at a Boot Camp, I was anxious to hear how he could help modular home builders. He spoke of the power of being different and explained that every builder uses the word “Quality” when promoting their homes and if everyone builds a quality home and say they do everything else the same as the other builder, price is the only thing left to win over the customer.

He laid out a way to differentiate yourself from other builders where price is not an issue. I was impressed with his approach and several builders in attendance said they were ready to stop battling their competition on price alone.

Overall it was an great Modular Boot Camp and I can’t wait till the next one on September 14th in Indianapolis, Indiana.  

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