Thursday, May 5, 2016

Modular Housing Is Continuing to Evolve

Sears Kit House Catalog from 1913
Many of today’s innovations in housing have roots to the past. Everyone says that the Sears kit house was the start of the pre-fab revolution. Over the years many home factories were opened to fill the need for the rapidly expanding US population.

National Homes
National Homes and Gunnison Homes were two of the big names in the production line prefab home building business. Cardinal Homes pioneered folding prefab homes long before Blu Homes entered the picture.

Gunnison Homes
Cardinal Homes
Then shipping container homes started to be the rage followed by prefab and modular “Tiny Houses.”

Container Homes

Tiny House
But none of these can compare to the newest craze, cardboard homes. These new creations from the slightly off center but brilliant minds in an Amsterdam, Holland factory called Wikkelhouse could actually take hold and be successful. I only hope that a US modular factory would begin a joint venture with the Amsterdam people and bring this to the our shores.

If watching their video doesn’t make you want one of these “houses” as a cabin, a man cave or she-shed or even an In-Law suite, then nothing will.


Lucky Buck said...

I like it. It is really different, a real innovation in housing. Wikklehouse dares to be the next buzz.
Who's next?

Blogger said...

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