Saturday, June 4, 2016

Blueprint Robotics is Ready to Open the Doors to the Future of Modular Building

The evolution we have been waiting for in modular construction is about to begin in Baltimore, MD in a short time. Welcome to Blueprint Robotics.

Here is what the future holds for modular housing presented by one of the most well known people in our the industry, Jerry Smalley.


Tom Hardiman said...

Cool stuff! Landmark Homes in Alberta has a similar set up. I'm not sure the how many manufacturers will embrace this level of robotics, but I can see greater adoption going forward.

One of the challenges I see is that the overhead is high and demand for housing has peaks and valleys. You need a business model that allows you to survive those valleys and cover the overhed of a plant like this.

But I wish them the best of luck!

Anonymous said...

As a flat pack company they have advantages for transport and with their vertical integration of assembly less risk for service issues in the field. If they stay within 250 miles and align with developer/builders they can become a major force in the Mid-Atlantic zone.

EnviroCurrent said...

It looks like precision has finally arrived to construction. I am looking forward to building with them.