Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fallout From IBS Starting to Hit Angry Customers

This video speaks volumes about the final days of IBS' Mod-U-Kraf factory. The customer was told on the Friday before the bankruptcy was filed that everything was going to be "OK."

CLICK HERE for the link to the original article:

Sounds like the same BS IBS was telling their builders everywhere, many of whom will feel the impact of the bankruptcy for many years to come.


William aka "Little Bill" said...

Did not know Mod-U-Kaft did turnkey houses?

Former employee said...

IBS deserves sole responsibility for what has taken place. IBS was not truthfull with anyone including its employees.

Please refrain from slandering Mod-U-Kraf or anyone of the IBS factories in all future posts.

Coach said...

To Former Employee:
I would never slander Mod-U-Kraf. The information that was presented in the article was from a TV station in the Mod-U-Kraf delivery area.

Mod-U-Kraf itself, the management staff, its employees and builders suffered during the final months leading up to the bankruptcy. This factory has always enjoyed a good reputation in our industry and hopefully it will reopen under new ownership that will continue its legacy.

I will however continue to present the latest news and updates about the IBS bankruptcy to our industry. If the mention of a factory by name offends someone I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

Coach, you do a great job reporting things about the industry. If something needs telling you are the only one out there. Bravo!

TN MODULAR said...

That video could be misleading in a way.
Customers order from the builder the way they want their homes sent to the project.
This client seemed to order a home that needed major turn key items finished.
Most Mod factories will offer finished drywall and interior components finished.
The public might take that video as a negative situation of the product and procedure.
Not speaking for mod u kraft, but if the client thought the factory did turn key then he was mislead by the actual builder.