Wednesday, October 20, 2010

GREENFEED-Shotgun Summary

There's a lot going on in the green building world lately. Follows is a summary of recent articles from a variety of sources that shed some light:

Professional Builder
J.D. Power: Satisfaction with Home Builders, Quality Reach Historic Highs
Quote: “In this hypercompetitive market, green features have become a crucial selling point, since new-home buyers are seeking to save on energy costs, as well as to increase the value of their home,” said Haines.

Professional Builder
Five Tips on Marketing and Selling Green Homes
Quote: A growing number of builders are moving into the green homes business. But marketing and selling green brings a whole new set of challenges for builders. Leading experts offer advice on positioning green in the marketplace.

The Portland Press Herald
Maine-made modulars go green
Quote: Unlike custom, net-zero homes, these factory-made houses are meant to compete on price with conventional, site-built structures. Prices will start at $205,000 for a small, two-bedroom house, excluding the cost of land, utilities and solar panels.


Illinois Developer Breaks Ground on 132-Home Net-Zero Community
Quote: There shouldn’t be another house built in the country that’s not energy efficient,” Regan says. “Economically this is the smartest thing to do, not because you want to be green and help the earth—those are great goals, but that’s not going to be strong enough to drive change in this country. It has to be economically viable.

Don’t forget to support Home Star. You just might get somebody hired.


Harris Woodward is a Principal of Finish Werks Green Builders, a central Maryland based design/build firm focused on high performance modular construction. He is a Board Member of the Maryland Residential Green Building Council and speaker on home energy efficiency initiatives.


Anonymous said...

WOW a new blog and it has only been since Oct. 15 that we got one of these. And what do you know - it has to be the lam-o tree hugger.
Is this not a factory built/modular blog? If so then why don't you have your tree hugger buddy write something about GREEN MODS. How about a "how you do it" posting? How about telling mod manufacturers how to become a green builder? How about dispensing some real advice rather than just cut and pasting from things the tree hugger has read elsewhere?

Harris/FW said...


On behalf of Coach and myself, I apologize for not having produced more content. We've been making amends with our wives after they caught us hugging trees.

It appears that you have time on your hands, so maybe you could post something useful on our behalf? It would require some time and some thought, so don't hurt yourself.


Anonymous said...

Hey Harris - I have to agree with Anonymous 12:40pm. Smug responses are not what we are looking for. You seem to have a penchant to take things awfully personal and to then "launch an attack" on the blogger. Perhaps Coach has made a error in judgement in selecting you to be a blog contributor. To be effective you need to roll with the flow and just keep material with GOOD CONTENT in each of your blogs.
As for your retort I am sure there are many people who read this blog who could contribute but I doubt that is their goal in life. Perhaps they do not have the need to feed upon glowing reviews to stroke their egos. They are safe and secure in knowing who they are and do not need to put up a bravado front.

Coach said...

I stand behind whatever Harris publishes here. He is far from being a lone wolf howling at the moon. The entire housing industry is embracing green and sustainable building procedures.

Harris has been using these methods with the factories that supply him with homes. I'm sorry that you don't like his posts but it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

So coach how about posting a resume on this Harris fellow so all of will know more about him. Maybe if we know who he is there will not be the negative posts we have read.

You say he has done mods using green building, so tell us, or have him tell us, about what he has done.
I for one am not against Green Building LEED, etc. but know very few modular operations that make it work. Is there enough to even track a percentage of the market, or have those that have been done just test houses? WE SIMPLY NEED TO KNOW MORE. Not just the "feel good stuff" you guy Harris has been doing, but some real nuts and bolts.
Thanks. Enjoy your blog.

Coach said...

You can view what Harris does in his modular business simply by visiting his website. He really is one of the good guys and I will try to have him bring us up to date on some of his green houses.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Harris and Coach for ALL of your postings on Green stuff, it's here and it's not going away

Harris/FW said...

Guys/gals, this is a small BLOG. It is not a formal collection of fact-checked articles and editorials provided by card-carrying journalists out of a publicly traded newspaper or cable news outlet. It is a tiny (but growing) Internet Blog.

Further, it is casual in nature like most Blogs. Most in our industry have been hit so hard it is a nice respite from the bad news that hits us daily. Coach keeps it light - I for one appreciate that.

So if I post a Blog like this one, and the first very comment RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE is calling me "lame" and "tree-hugger" derogatorily, I'm going to push back.

Again - I'm not a journalist; I'm a builder. I don't care about Pulitzers or "Bravado", I'm just advocating for an industry. My particular style was cultivated over years of reading the slapstick editors at Car&Driver (they are hilarious at dealing with what they consider idiot letters to the Ed).

Keep this in mind: you'll find NOT ONE TIME in which I "launched an attack". I will not draw first blood. If you can find one, please bring it firmly to my attention and accept my groveling.

But if an anonymous commenter takes a stupid, wild swing at Coach, or green building, or me (as in the original comment of this Blog, and others), he/she can expect some self-defense. I'm not a turn-the-cheek-kind of guy unless its my close friends and family.