Friday, October 15, 2010


Penn Lyon Homes is no more, at least in it's present form. It is finishing up a couple of floors for it's last builder and then it's curtains for the factory.

The bank foreclosed at the end of September but alternate financing was being arranged. At the 11th hour the deal fell apart and Roger Lyons closed the doors and turned off the lights. Prospective buyers are looking at the factory but as of now there are no offers on the table.


Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for Roger. NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey coach, since it appears you have run out of things to post, ala no new posts lately, how about giving us a run down on modular companies still in operation and those in trouble.
Or how about looking in your crystal ball and telling us your thoughts on the future of the industry.
Give us something that makes us chomp at the bit to respond. You have a good blog but it is slowly dying.

Anonymous said...


tell this gentleman that you are on vacation and enjoying a long hot cup of coffee.

Coach said...

I am just about off my long (retirement) vacation and updates will start coming fast and furious very soon. Happy to know that I've been missed.

Anonymous said...

bloggers DO NOT TAKE vacation, unless of course this is just a hobby and not a business. But since you are trying to solicit jobs I would think this would be treated as a business. I certainly would hate to contribute, have a banner or a listing and then the owner of the blog decides to go on a vacation and leave the blog unattended. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.