Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It's as if the Lego building block people merged with IKEA and formed a modular factory in New Zealand as a test marketBox Living, a relatively new modular home factory, is offering boxes that can be joined together to form large living spaces or as stand alone units.

Box Living - born on a kitchen table with balsa wood and glue

Again I have to ask, would you really live in one of these?  

In central PA, you can find the world's largest week long tenting encampment, sponsered by The Grange, where people live in canvas tents with no running water or toilet facilities.  Water comes from public taps and bathrooms in centralized buildings.  Their is a large carnival and farm exposition as well.  People hand down their tenting locations from generation to generation and the waiting list for a tent can be decades.  Asked once if they could live like this year round, not one person wanted to!  

I truly think that is what this movement toward living in chicken coop housing is all about.  It's cute for a while but give me a break, could you really do it for a lifetime?  Maybe you could and that's fine but let me have something that doesn't look like a pile of Legos.

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Modular Home Place said...

I love the reference to the Grange Fair in Centre Hall. I have had a vender booth at the Grange and I found it amazing how the people walk around in circles. They appear as zombies.

The cube and box dudes are taking a minimalist approach to design. My question to ask these designers is what do they live in. I see the models, but very few finished projects.

When I worked at Custom Building Systems, I sold Alchemy one of their Wee houses. The home was pretty cool as a retreat and place to escape life, but as for full time living you would be relegated to be a super intellectual or a couch potato watching television.

Is there a way to order these unit just as boxes without windows, doors, interior walls, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, trim or any of the standard offering modular homes do so well?