Monday, December 26, 2011


Every modular home factory has a Sales Manager.  I've talked with enough of them over the years that I realize that 20% of them do a very good job and 20% of them should never have been put in that position in the first place.  If you are a factory owner and cringe every time you see your sales manager, fire him or her now.

That leaves the middle 60% doing an adequate job of maintaining the status quo.  However, since the 2007, that has become lower sales, smaller builder bases, tougher lenders and reluctant new home buyers.

Those 60% might not be aware that they are the key to making or breaking a factory, so here are 40 rules that will help to make them better sales managers:
  1. Always come to work as early as you want your staff to be in. Nothing destroys morale quicker than a late arriving sales manager.
  2. Dress the way you want your staff to dress.
  3. Handle your problems on a one-to-one basis.
  4. Don't coddle your top producer.
  5. Always show your boss respect in front of your sales staff.
  6. Never hire a friend.
  7. Never hire a friend of a friend.
  8. Spend a little time each day with individual staff members.
  9. Point out the individual accomplishments.
  10. Admit your errors as quickly as you want others to admit theirs.
  11. Go on at least two sales calls with each sales person every month.
  12. Never assign a rookie to a major builder.
  13. Never get drunk with your staff.
  14. Never get drunk with your boss.
  15. Never get drunk with a builder
  16. Never get drunk..
  17. If you blow up, apologize immediately upon calming down.
  18. Go for a walk around the block before you blow up.
  19. Make your sales meetings informative and interesting.
  20. Make your sales meetings as short as possible.
  21. Schedule a weekly meeting with your boss to recap sales for the week.
  22. Make all your staff live under the same rules, even your top producer.
  23. Develop a master testimonial book and use it to update the company website.
  24. Keep the promotional sheets and literature fresh and current.
  25. Encourage input from your staff.
  26. Make sure everyone “buys in” to new procedures.
  27. Understand the role of the reps – they sell, you motivate and lead.
  28. Hire the best salespeople you can find.
  29. Hire your replacement.
  30. Don’t answer a question with “Because I said so”.
  31. Learn your traffic system and inventory system so you can explain it to others.
  32. Demand 10 new sales contacts per month from your sales reps.
  33. Have a quarterly sales meeting outside the office.
  34. Make sure you have a great assistant.
  35. Take a course in Marketing.
  36. Answer your emails promptly.
  37. Don’t hide from irate builders.
  38. Make sure everyone knows the importance of “Open Houses.”
  39. Have a Builder Conference at least once a year.
  40. Eliminate unproductive sales reps quickly.


William said...

Coach how about.....

LEAD BY EXAMPLE....saves a lot of words.

Heywood said...

may I offer one more?
Learn every aspect of the product you are selling!