Saturday, December 17, 2011


Oregon State regulators have revoked licenses to sell and produce manufactured homes from Fuqua Homes Inc. and imposed a $155,000 civil fine, saying the company, which operated a factory and dealership in Bend, took deposits but failed to deliver some homes, according to an order released Thursday.

The Fuqua website has been removed from the Internet!

The order from the Department of Consumer and Business Services' Division of Finance and Corporate Securities states that the Texas-based company took 26 deposits totaling more than $500,000 for manufactured homes that were not built and did not give refunds.

The division's acting director also ordered that Fuqua's president, Phillip R. Daniels, be disqualified from being licensed as a manufactured-structure dealer or from working for such a company for five years.

Phillip R. Daniels, President of Fuqua Homes
Neither Daniels nor an attorney representing him responded to requests for comment.

In August, Daniels told a state employee that a flooring supplier had sued Fuqua and that all inventory at Fuqua's Eugene and Coburg dealerships had been seized, according to the order, which states Fuqua has 60 days to appeal to the state Court of Appeals.

The enforcement action represents only some of the complaints against Fuqua. The state Department of Justice received complaints from 15 people about Fuqua giving nothing for payments on homes or ignoring home defects. The complaints come from three states and one Canadian province.

At least four lawsuits are pending against Fuqua, three in Deschutes County and one in Lane County circuit courts.

One open lawsuit in Deschutes County Circuit Court against Fuqua seeks to make the company return about $29,000 to a couple in Christmas Valley who paid the money for a modular home.

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johnna raida said...

I have a fuqua 1999 & the outside structure is that masonite siding which is diterating it is leaking through my inside walls and the floors are rottening because of the particle board. Zenda Ks 67159 window in back bathroom needs replaced all the others had to be replaced roof leaks also has to all be redone I'mm on SSD 62 & alone and can't get help to repair it so it is comming out of pocket.

Anonymous said...

Bought ours in 2007 and the roof has leaked since we bought it, they did come and repair, but never fixed the problem, repairs to the drywall are terrible. I thought that when we purchased a Fuqua we were getting a quality home! WRONG! Now with all the leaks in the roof we will have to repair out of pocket! Although it will be fixed correctly!