Monday, January 16, 2012


I hate to break this to all those modular home factory Sales Managers and sales reps but cold calling died a quiet death last week. What replaced it is something you need to embrace right now. 

It died because every new home builder has heard of modular home construction and has put up barricades to keep you from calling them even though modular construction is fantastic.

So if cold calling is dead, what can you do to get new builders to visit your factory and buy into modular housing?  You must start using "inbound marketing."

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and blogs are the new way to get builders to learn about you.  If you don't follow social media sites because you think they're lame, guess again.  They are still hot.  Getting builders to "like" you is easy and then you've got them listening to what you have to say.

One of best ways to get that builder to call you is to send them an email with a link to a third party website or blog with an article about your factory.  Whenever you find a good article, whether it is in a newspaper, on TV or YouTube or here on Modular Home Builder, simply send it to your targeted builders with an invitation to visit your factory.  Good news is always better from a third party.  NEVER send a prospective builder a PR Release.  You might as well write Spam all over it as they will probably block your next email.

That's all it takes.  Let them take the the initial step by contacting you which means they want to know more.  "Home Court Advantage!"  Inbound marketing.

If you can't find anything about your factory to send to your prospective builders, you're screwed.  Others that actually have good things said about them will get to those builders instead.  If your factory doesn't have good articles written about it, write something and send it over to me at and I'll get started on writing an article you can share.

This is such a low cost, high results effort that it would be a shame to overlook it and continue to call and call and call without ever getting to someone that could actually make a decision.

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Jimmy C said...

I stopped cold calling last year and started using Facebook and YouTube to find builders and talk with them. It has proven to be better than anything I have ever done.