Monday, January 16, 2012


Irontown Homes, Spanish Fork, Utah, sold a couple a new modular home and instead of just delivering it without anyone knowing about it like most factories do, they contacted the local TV station who sent a crew out to record the set, interview Iron Town's owner and the new home owners.

Now this is how our industry should do it!



William said...

Kudo's to Irontown for their marketing efforts. How many mod operations would make the effort to do such a great job with the purchasers they were willing to share the experience with their local tv market.
Irontown has done a great job in this depressed market by continuing to ship homes into many states and each time making sure everyone knows of their endeavors.
They are diligent in sending our emails detailing their new shipments and to make sure their market area knows who they are and what they do.
Too bad we do not see other mod operations doing the same.

Anonymous said...

Coach, how do we email you with a hot tip? You are too elusive!

Coach said...

my email address is:

Anonymous said...

Most tv news channels and newpapers really do not care unless the article has a spin about something else. Even the mighty Obamas took the focus off of the modular industry. I believe a better approach is to invite customers. Mass marketing is good for one's ego but all that matters is one's closing ratio. Articles about modular construction are good for the industry as a whole. However what matters is geeting the right infomto the home buyer. I realize small town are differnt than large cities.

Anonymous said...

I wish they had showed the old house and then finished off the video by showing the completed house. Most people will not be able to see the finished product and will STILL think they are building a trailer instead of a house.

Coach said...

I have tried for years to get factories to send me pictures of the completed homes that are featured in print or video during construction but for some reason they don't think it is important.

I'll keep trying.