Thursday, January 12, 2012


As of January 9th, 2012, Rhino Steel Building Systems has chosen to halt sales and service of its Rhino Steel Framed Homes division.

Rhino Steel Building Systems is a leading provider of pre-engineered and custom steel buildings to a wide range of industries. Rhino Steel Building Systems was founded in 1988 and since its inception has been providing steel framed homes through a partnership with upstream steel manufacturers. With the changes in the economy, stability from suppliers and consumer behavior, Rhino Steel Building Systems is halting all sales of new steel framed homes but will continue to provide customer service to its current list of customers.

"We are committed to keeping our reputation as a customer service leader in Manufactured Steel Buildings. We simply were not confident we could continue to provide that industry leading customer service with recent changes in the marketplace from both our suppliers as well as consumers," stated Bruce Brown, CEO of Rhino Steel Building Systems. "Rhino will continue to set the standard in Metal Building Manufacturing with our industry leading Rhino Standard Features," stated Mat Brown, Director of Online Sales. Rhino provides a set of "standard features" that are not commonly found in other metal buildings. Some of these features include Self Drilling Fasteners, Rhino PBR Panels, Formed Base Trim, Rhino Ridge Caps, and the Rhino Eave Sealing System, among others.

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