Wednesday, February 29, 2012


WesternOne Equity Income announced that the first modular buildings are rolling off the production line in Britco's new Waco, Texas facility. 

The plant which had been idle for three years before Britco purchased it in September 2011, now has 80 employees. 
"We are very excited to see the first finished modular units from our Texas facility and look forward to designing and building workforce accommodations for our customers in the United States," stated Mr. Darren Latoski, CEO of WesternOne Equity. 
In recent months Britco  has made two significant strategic acquisitions. On February 1, Britco acquired a production plant in Edmonton, Alberta. In the fall of last year, Britco, through its indirectly-owned subsidiary in the USA, purchased a large manufacturing facility in Waco, Texas.

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Currently, Britco is working on the largest project in its 35 year history - a project valued at approximately $50 million for a large energy company in Alberta. Britco is providing 880 rooms which will be contained in ten 2-storey dorm wings totaling 280,000 square feet. The rooms, which are currently being manufactured in Britco's Agassiz and Penticton plants, are 200 square foot executive style accommodations that have private washrooms, flat screen TV's and high-end hotel quality finishes.

Despite the continuing uncertainty in the economy, last year Britco created 177 new jobs. The primary driver for Britco's growth is the demand for workforce housing in the energy, mining and infrastructure sectors in BC, Alberta and the southern USA. 

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That's a great information. Modular homes are spreading throughout America.

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