Friday, February 10, 2012


SIP (structural insulated panels) have been with us for quite some time.  They are part of the system built housing and commercial trade and have quite a few advantages over more traditional stick built homes.  We high R factors and quick assembly methods, they could be the answer to energy efficiency but alas, they have been shunned by most new home builders and their customers.

The reason for this is the same one that haunts the modular home industry...simply not enough great information is getting out to the home buying public.

But if the Chinese have anything to say about it, SIPs might start becoming what home buyers and commercial developers embrace. 

One company poised to expand to the US market is Bejing Dubung International Prefabrication in China.  Their line of steel SIPs could be just the ticket for long life and energy efficiency as well as a cost that will be well below what competing systems offer.

When the US housing market starts to rebound, look for this company and its brethren to hit our shores with inexpensive and unique products.  If you think that the Chinese will have a tough time entering our market let me ask you a many of you even knew that the Chinese were supplying defective drywall until the plaster hit the fan? Just asking!

Here are some pictures of what might be one of the biggest SIP competitors to come across the Pacific.

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