Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I've always wondered what it would be like to work for a factory that had two of my favorite things; food and modular production lines.  The closest I've ever come was a modular home factory in PA that had one of the largest selection of vending machine for stale sandwiches, overpriced candy bars and soft drinks that I ever had the displeasure of visiting.

Now my dream could come true.  Diner Mite, a systems built factory in NJ, combines my true loves.  They build those 1950 style aluminum and polished steel diners that we all love.  Great food from the neon lighted little slices of heaven has attracted millions to enter their doors.  Meat loaf, fried liver, chicken and gravy and of course, those fabulous breakfasts are already making my mouth water.

I had just assumed that they were site built by a construction crew that specialized in building them.  I was right but with a twist.  Diner Mite builds them in a modular factory and ships them complete to the job site.  Even the french fryers, tables and chairs and the neon lighting is already installed.  Now that's awesome!

So the next time you stop by a polished aluminum and steel emporium of delicious food with its neon lights bright in the evening sky, you're probably eating in a Diner Mite modular built diner.

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