Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Say it ain't so Joe!  How can the iPad replace an entire show?  

It will take a few years but the signs are already in place for this revolutionary way to visit all the booths that are currently at IBS.  GE, Whirpool and even one of the biggest exhibitors, Delta, have chosen to skip it this year and if housing doesn't do any better this year, they will skip next year too.

Last year over 1,000 exhibitors showed their wares but only 900 chose IBS this year.  A lot of the exhibitors are relatively new to builders, especially the ones peddling "green", "energy saving" and "sustainability."

So where does the iPad come into this? 

With companies learning that social networks, YouTube and others like LinkedIn are where new home buyers and builders are going to interact, they are starting to create content optimized for smart phones and tablets.  Websites will be the central clearing house with links to these optimized readers with interactive apps being developed at record pace.

Apple iPad
Soon IBS will be an everyday event that anyone can visit just by plugging in an app and waiting for all the relevant materials to begin streaming into their phone or tablet.  These presentations will not be like the static websites we all currently use.
These apps will dazzle the viewers with customized videos, interviews with the company's key personnel and the latest product innovations.  Direct links will be available to sales people within the company from any phone and tablet, with the company person able to upload specific information and videos that immediately answer the customer questions.  All live, all the time! 
Transparent Smart Phone

It is already happening, just look to the auto industry and what they are doing.  Construction is the next industry that will see the advantage to this new way to market.

Here is an example of what is already out there for Realtors and community developers.  With some small tweaking, it could be used for modular home builders, prospective new home buyers and modular factories.

Within 10 years, the IBS will all be available through your "iPad-15" or your "8G network" and we'll all go to Vegas to gamble like it was intended to be. 

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