Tuesday, February 7, 2012


For the 8th consecutive show, Nationwide Homes is showcasing a modular home at IBS.  Their "Woodside" model will be on display at the Professional Builder Show Village.  This home has a more traditional look than some of their earlier homes but it a great house.

Be sure to tour it.

First look at the Woodside, Nationwide's home at IBS 2012

More photos of this home will be posted when it is completed.

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William said...

I have always liked and respected Nationwide; but, I cannot understand why Nationwide would spend so much hard earned cash to put a house up at the IBS show. I think statistics would tell them they will not get that great of a return on the BIG investment.
Sure lots of people attend but who are they? Tell me how many builders have been recruited from being at the NAHB IBS show from the homes that have been there in the past. How much has a lead cost and how much per sale made?
And do not give me the schtick of "great free publicity." Free? I don't think so.
Plus Nationwide is a regional operation so why not put that money into regional advertising and promotion? Talk to the people who are more likely to purchase your products?