Friday, February 3, 2012


I was surfing YouTube and found a video for a manufactured home dealer trying to tell everyone about the deals he has on Palm Harbor single wides. 

If this is how they sell single and double wide trailers, no wonder people turn their noses up and are confused when we try to explain modular housing.

I'll bet Palm Harbor is so proud.....NOT!


Anonymous said...

And to think that Palm Harbor is the parent company of Nationwide Homes......Hmmmmmm!

Coach said...

I really don't think that Palm Harbor created this video. It looks like something that they would have banned if they knew about it. Palm Harbor is a lot more professional than this video.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when you let your kids do a YouTube Video to save some money!

Heywood said...

That was painful! You need to warning your unsuspecting readers before they view that!
But, to be fair, they are selling manufactured homes, not "trailers".

SPeterson said...

Yep, San Antonio-based. Claims he builds the homes that he sells and stole the Beastie Boys song and the Stars Wars theme. At least he gave the Beasties credit. Too bad he can't spell (2:40).

steve said...

wow ugg now I need to get that out of my head.

Tim said...

Well this takes me back 30 years. Except for the music I walked back in time. Wood paneling, picture of a wood trim and was there shag carpet?
Where's the 3D for the new Star Wars movie.
Now I truly know why the manufactured builders are suffering. Good God!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there are still mobile home dealers out there that think this will draw in customers. Today even manufactured home buyers have to have great credit to buy one and this commercial would never appeal to them.
Maybe in Ozarks but not here.

Meg Olhasque said...

Yup. That was truly painful, and I too believe Palm Harbor is not aware of this little gem.