Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This USModular, Inc. project is an excellent example of the versatility and flexibility of modular design.   The general perception is that the only advantage to modular construction is in repetition.  But here, bold sweeping design elements prove that the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Drawing on the homeowner’s background of working on exotic cars, the sweeping lines of this home mimic design elements of Ferrari sports cars from the 1950’s, considered by many as the golden age of sports cars.  Trespa panels are shaped to evoke images of the vent panel on a ’56 Ferrari 410 Superamerica.  The unique zinc ‘clouds’ floating over the garages and onto the home add the curves, shape, and color of the ’57 Ferrari Testa Rossa test car.  The architect was able to incorporate every feature he had in mind without being concerned about the style of construction.  This modular design blends the style and movement of a sports car with the functionality of a home.
Modular construction is so much more than just the convenience of building in a controlled environment, isolated from the delays and associated problems imposed by the weather.  It is also the ability to limit heavy site activity to a much shorter period of time, an advantage appreciated by not only the homeowner but by the entire neighborhood.  The various parts of the design, here represented by not only the modules themselves, but by some of the design elements like the ‘clouds’, are being assembled at the same time that the foundation is being built.  The neighbors go to work one morning and see a bare foundation.  That afternoon, the house has magically appeared.   A project that would normally take 18 to 24 months is completed in half the time, or, in many cases even quicker.

Both the Architect and homeowner have had issues in the past with site built construction.  Out of control schedules, consistency of workmanship, and material theft affected the timeline and the finished product.  These issues virtually disappear with modular construction.  The day the home is erected, it is able to be closed and locked up.  Factory assembly is by its very nature schedule driven.  Quality control is monitored constantly.

USModular, Inc. is excited by this unique home and prospects of other unique projects that reflect the personality and history of the homeowner.   We congratulate Architect Brad McDonald at Reveal Studio, Inc., on his inspired design and his willingness to be a part of what USModular, Inc. considers the natural next step in construction.

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