Friday, March 2, 2012


Back in 2009 I picked up a press release about a system built manufacturer called Amerisus, The American Sustainability Initiative, in which a lot of big things were going to happen when this company got its feet on the ground.

CLICK HERE for the original article.  I had my doubts then.

Now here we are over two years later and all I can find about them is an article in the July 2010 Builder magazine touting the same BS I read a year earlier.  I just visited their website which doesn't show me anything but a lot of smoke and mirrors.  Then I Googled Amerisus for pictures of any completed homes they did since since 2009 and all I found was a lot of sketches and standard floorplans.

3D rendering of an Amerisus 2 story home

After calling their corporate offices and trying to get someone, anyone to answer the phone, I've come to the conclusion that all we have is another group of Architects and Engineers that sat around the table and thought up a way to build a better house but never really saw it through to fruition.

If anyone knows anything about them and if they are indeed working to build all the homes they said they were going to build, please help me get their story out there.

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