Tuesday, March 6, 2012

East Coast vs West Coast - - Modular vs PreFab

Over the years I have written a ton of articles about modular homes and prefab homes and I usually conclude by calling every prefab home a Michelle Kaufmann inspired semi-mobile home.  Well, my attitude about prefab is changing.

No longer am I prejudiced against the prefab people, even though I still don't fully understand how MK got to be such a "go to " name in this industry.  All of her designs look like legos and exotic single wides. 

With that in mind, what could possibly have changed my attitude?

It was the treehuggers!  Not that I'm a big fan of them but they are right about sustainability and all things green.  Some of their ideas are a little out there such as mud-brick and straw homes but I guess if I have to accept them I also have to accept their screwy ideas too.

BUT, and there is always a but, I'm finding that there are two distinct types of modular homes in the US.  On the east coast, modular homes are called "modular homes."  On the west coast they are called "prefab."  And there's more to the differences between the coasts than what they call their modular homes.  The east is very traditional and the west is LegoLand. 

Here are some examples of modular and prefab factories from each coast and you will quickly see why I'm now saying that the two types can live together.  Just not in my east coast neighbor though.

Examples of West Coast Factories that build PreFabs:
Eco Offsite


Method Homes
Examples of East Coast factories that build Modular Homes:

Mod U Kraf


I guess the Mississippi River and the Rockies really do divide our country and from now on I will try to be tolerant of the West Coast factories and the green stuff they build but it will be tough.

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John Brewster said...

Long time reader. I am pleased to read that you finally are admitting that west coast people know how to build a prefab home. Your MK remarks are on the mark however.