Saturday, March 3, 2012


IKEA has not launched and is not selling prefabricated homes in the United States. Any reports saying otherwise are not accurate. 

One of our U.S. stores, IKEA Portland, has participated in a collaboration with an Oregon-based prefab studio --ideabox -- where a version of one of ideabox's pre-fab homes is being sold with IKEA items (ie., wardrobes, kitchens, etc.).

Interior designers from IKEA Portland helped furnish the interior of this particular home, and an example was on display at the recent Portland Home & Garden Show. Each home of this type sold by ideabox will include those same IKEA products that the local prefab studio will have purchased from IKEA Portland. 

To make clear: IKEA is neither the manufacturer nor the retailer of these prefabricated homes.

It appears that ideabox, in a marketing move, presented this home as an ongoing collaboration effort between them and IKEA and promoted the heck out of it. 

If IKEA were to begin a venture with a modular or "pre-fab", as it's called on the West Coast, they would certainly not go with the limited production capacity of an Ideabox type company.  I still think that IKEA would make a good partner for one of the big East Coast production line modular factories.

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William said...

Gary, why do you think IKEA would make a good partner for one of the big East Coast production line modular factories?

Coach said...

I think that IF Ikea wanted to go into the modular business like they are in Europe, using a factory and skilled workers that are already using a production line to produce their homes just makes sense even if it's on the West Coast.

Why would they ever use any factory that builds on cribbing? That method would have Henry Ford rolling over in his grave.

Blu Home Fan said...

Building and completing one home before you start the next works well for most of the boutique builders in the west. They really don't have enough customers to warrant building a full production line factory.

Blu Homes is an exception after they found that the west coast is more accepting of their unique homes than the east coast. They understand their market and that allowed them to open a production line factory in California. Hurray for Blu Homes.

Fuller Modular Homes and Offices said...

I can confirm that Blu Homes is stocking all of their homes with IKEA furnishings. It makes sense that they’d reverse the sales channel and offer the modular product through IKEA worldwide. I know of only one factory that operates across the country and in fact around the world and that would be Blu. But how will they survive this market. The prices are very high when compared to the many alternatives.
Fuller Modular Homes

Jay said...

The design style is so beautiful. Love to live in there.