Monday, March 5, 2012


You gotta love it when something apparently so simple goes so wrong.  Take the story of IKEA entering the modular home market in the United States.

It seems that a boutique modular home manufacturer, ideabox, put a home on display it this year's Home and Garden Show in Portland, Oregon and someone saw it and reported that they and IKEA had collaborated on introducing IKEA's introduction to modular in the US.

The IKEA kitchen in the ideabox house
It turned out that ideabox was using a lot of stuff they purchased from their local IKEA store including kitchen and bath cabinets and just about anything else IKEA had in inventory.  Soon every major publication picked up the story and posted it on their websites.  Sites like the Huffington Post and just about every treehugger website ran with it.  That's where yours truly found it and wrote about it.

CLICK HERE to read the initial story from Modular Home Builder.

Then the proverbial sh*t hit the fan and within a day, IKEA released a statement denying that they were building a modular home for the US market and it was all a misunderstanding. CLICK HERE.

That would appear to leave ideabox with egg on their face but a strange thing happened.

Hundreds of my readers clicked on the ideabox link in my articles and I've heard that thousands more did the same thing through other websites.  So many in fact, that IKEA issued a statement telling everyone to contact ideabox directly because they were being asked thousands of times where they could buy the home.  I'm sure Jim Russell, the president of ideabox, is waking up with a smile on his face this morning.

Update today 7:45 AM: Robin Meade on CNN's Headline News just reported that you can buy an entire house from IKEA.  It just keeps getting better for ideabox.

Maybe IKEA will take this as an omen and really start thinking about adding it their stores, right next to their restaurants which serve those great meatballs.

Ideabox has to be loving the attention.

A modular home factory couldn't spend a $ million and get the publicity that this one little mistake by a blogger did.   Another reason bloggers rule the world!


Heywood said...

Treehugger???? Really?
Coach, didn't you learn from Rush Limbaugh that name calling is counter productive???

Coach said...

Sorry Heywood, I just can't help myself. I love the word treehugger.

Anonymous said...

Coach, have you heard if ideabox website was hit with people looking to buy one of their IKEA houses?