Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Modular Home Builder is Evolving....Again!

An interesting thing happened today when I was researching for an article on modular home construction.  I realized that there are dozens of websites and blogs devoted to all things green and sustainable when it comes to prefab homes (West Coast) and almost none except yours truly talking about modular homes.  

Modular Home Builder is a blog directed to the modular home factory, its management and authorized modular home builders.  Something strange, however, has happened to it over the past several years.  Its demographics have changed from that targeted market to an audience that wants to learn more about modular housing's benefits.

There are plenty of websites produced and maintained by modular and prefab factories all over the US but if someone wants to learn about modular housing, there are few if any sites that take a third person viewpoint and tries to explain the real benefits of modular, and yes, even prefab.

Change and evolution is inevitable so I guess Modular Home Builder is destined for that change too.  Starting this week, you may notice some subtle changes to this blog.  There will still be articles for modular home factory owners and every one inside the industry but there are going to be more articles about the retail side of our industry that should appeal to a broader audience.

I was talking with Ken Semler, president of Express Modular the other day and he believes that education is the missing key for the modular industry.  People need to learn why modular is better, why it’s greener and why it just makes sense to go modular.  He tries to give everyone that goes to his site that knowledge with information that is hard to find but shouldn’t be.

So thanks to my “light bulb” moment while Googling and my conversation with Ken, this blog will transform into something useful for not only modular home industry insiders but for everyone looking to build a new home. 


Anonymous said...

A word of caution. If the "insiders" of the modular world know there are "customers" in the room, their comments will be muted (or probably should be). One of the things I enjoy about this blog is your opinions and the the open conversation among industry professionals. Sometimes the comment section is very good, sometimes it is not so good. All in all there is a lot of learning I get from listening.

Not sure these two groups can really be mixed. A second blog in your future??

Coach said...

I have never been shy about my observations of the modular home industry and that will not change. I will also continue to provide ways for builders and factory folk to improve. Hopefully what I am doing will start an interaction between the industry people and the prospective new home buyer.

That's my goal and I really think one blog can do justice to both sides...IMHO

Anonymous said...

I thought that's what Modular Home Central was for... But of course I've been reading both!

I posted a comment a few days ago regarding providing the service areas of the builders you link to (or somehow grouping them accordingly), and a woman-owned builder in Auburn, CA. Did the "Intertoobz" eat it?

William said...

Coach -- sorry to see you have to include retail segment on your blog because as you stated -- your blog is basically alone in serving the manufacturing end of the modular business. But, it is tough to make money these days in doing what you are doing.

Coach said...

As more and more retail customers read this blog, it is only natural that it should change to broaden its scope.

I promise that everything that it was will continue to be. It will never become a huge retail site.

I started Modular Home Central for that purpose but it just isn't attracting people eager to learn about modular and prefab like Modular Home Builder has.

I had thousands of retail visitors to the IKEA articles and most have continued to visit.