Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tornado Fails to Destory Modular Home

Modular housing has a new super hero.  A home in Oregon Township, Michigan was hit with the full fury of a tornado but instead of leveling the home like it does with site-built homes, it didn't have enough strength to smash it to bits.

Instead the modular house, owned by the Bill Boots family, simply shuddered a bit and defied the tornado to tear it apart.  The best the storm could do was lift it in total off the foundation and move it in one piece to the edge of the wall.

Pictures are worth a thousand words or sticks if you build a site-built home.


Modmentor said...

The same about this is thast someone will look at this and ask why the hold downs were not sufficent ot hold the house down and completely miss the point that the house is still there......

john haddad said...

The tornadoes that swept through Indiana scared the hell out of me. I live in Evansville and the we were in the middle of two storm systems. One was around ten miles north and the other was thirty miles south. We ran to the basement with our storm radio. If I were in a modular I would sit tight in the living room rather than my dank basement.

As for the attachment to the foundation - scary and inadequate

john haddad said...

I just notices the site built garage is no where to be found. The ladder is still attached to the wall.