Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Unite Modular Systems in UK Closes its Doors

More than 150 people could lose their jobs at a factory in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.  Even though modular construction is taking off in all parts of the world, some of the big commercial modular factories are having a tough time.

Unite Modular Systems (UMS) said it expected to close later this year as it had been unable to find a new owner for its factory and assets.

UMS factory in Gloucestershire
UMS production floor
A spokesman said it currently employs 156 permanent staff and it expected "significant" redundancies.

UMS makes modules for building sites including fully-fitted and furnished bedrooms, studios and kitchens.  Production at the Gloucestershire factory will continue until late March with site based operations continuing until the summer in order to complete remaining contracts.

Unite Modular Systems made a loss of £5.5m in 2011 as it struggled with contracts which have become loss-making. As a result Unite said it had also been forced to make a further provision of £5.6m against ongoing work.  Closing the operation will also cost around £9.9m.

The closure is another blow for the modular construction movement, which has seen several business in England shutdown in the last two years.


William said...

But I think it remains open under another name - Lightspeed. I have not followed up on this via visting their website but I believe it to be true.

William said...

Coach -- the web address for Lightspeed is as follows: