Sunday, April 15, 2012

5 Keys to Becoming a Great Modular Factory Sales Rep

Every sales manager and modular home factory owner in the land is looking for that special sales rep to bring in big orders and new builders.  Some factories are fortunate to have one or maybe if the stars are in perfect alignment and the wind is blowing in right direction, they might have two. 
The old you
If you are a modular factory rep and want to increase your sales, there is no magic formula or witch’s brew that can make that can make that happen.  However, there are five areas that you can work on to improve your “luck” and at the same time become invaluable to your factory. 

You have to learn to:

Communicate - Developing relationships and earning the trust of your builders isn’t earned by just constantly quoting them the lowest price.  You have to work with the builder through all forms of contact to inform them of new procedures and products, instruct them how to effectively work with your factory and listen to their problems and needs.  Every builder wants to know they are appreciated and desired.
Be Passionate - If your builder does not believe you stand behind your factory’s homes or service, they will not buy from you. Even though there are special places for people that are happy “all the time”, you have to be happy about going to work every day.  Your builder can spot when you’re having a bad day rather quickly.  Every day take it upon yourself to learn something new about your factory and the products you sell and become the expert your builder expects you to be.

Be Competitive – You have to have a natural drive to succeed along with the desire to out perform other factory’s sales reps contending for your builder’s business.  Again, this doesn’t mean cutting prices to the bone.  Low profits means the factory will soon be looking to replace you or go out of business.  You do not have a Dollar Menu.  Being competitive means going the extra mile for your builder and outdistancing your competition.

Organize - Organization is one of the key characteristics to being a successful salesperson. Not being organized can drastically hurt a sales rep in many areas.  Many sales reps equate being highly organized with being too limiting and not spontaneous, and therefore restricting.  In addition to that, many sales reps have short attention spans and have a hard time being highly organized.  So therefore, naturally, most reps are not organized and run around like a chicken with its head cut off, for lack of better terms.
The New You
Be a Team Player – If a sales rep wants the sales process to go smoothly, he or she knows that it involves multiple people and they must all be willing to work together.  If you realize that in the modular factory team you work with, that everyone has assets, that everyone has positive attributes, and you’re willing to accept and use those to your advantage to accomplish the sale and follow through for your builder, that’s what will make you an effective team player.

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Heywood said...

May I add one more?
Be a resource! Know your product better than anyone else so you can answer whatever questions your builder may have!