Thursday, April 12, 2012

GUILDCREST Homes Gets Great Publicity

Here is an article published on about a modular home being set today in Meaford, Ontario, Canada.  This is a great PR piece for Guildcrest Homes, the builder and the modular industry.

Massive modular home built in Meaford

Massive modular home built in Meaford. A crane lifted the pieces of the home into place. Chris Fell Photo
It's not often that a massive new home gets put up in a single day.
That's exactly what happened in Meaford on Thursday, April 12 when a convoy of trucks carrying pieces of Rudy and Beverley Mulder's new home arrived in town.

Their new home is located on Range Road just north of Highway 26. The home is completely modular and was assembled by workers - with a big assist from a large crane - on site over the course of a single day.

Rudy Mulder is the owner of Instant Wholesale Homes, which is a dealer for modular homebuilder: Guildcrest Homes.
Rudy, Beverley and family are relocating to the Municipality of Meaford and are bringing their business with them. In addition to living in their new home, they also intend to use it to show off the beauty of modular homes.

The pieces of the house were built in a Guildcrest factory in Morewood, Ontario - near Ottawa. The pieces were then shipped to Meaford on large flatbed trucks and were assembled on the building lot on April 12.

Modular homes are built inside a factory and can be built much faster than homes that are built from ground up on site.

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