Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mods are HOT - Modular MasterMind program ready for builders

Great news!  New home builders are starting to get orders for new houses.  Multi-family construction is up in almost every part of the country.  Modular factories are seeing full production lines.  Everybody is beginning to get that good feeling about housing.

What?  You're not doing as well as your competitors?  Why not?

The answer could simply be that you've been so busy trying to stay in business over the past 5 years that you've forgot how to get new business.  Things have changed in how we attract and sell to today's new home buyers.  They are into Social Media, blogging and instant news through their smart phones, laptops, tablets and soon through Google's new Internet connected eyeware.

Yikes!  What to do?

Help is available through a new series of webinars and one-on-one consulting called Modular MasterMind.  There has never been a marketing and sales program available exclusively to new home builders that use systems built methods.  Whether you are using modular, prefab, SIP, panelized or one of the other systems available out there, Modular MasterMind has been designed just for you.   Site builders need not apply.

Click on the Modular MasterMind link below to find out how you can improve your marketing and sell more homes.

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