Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Modular Mac and Cheese

As I search through the Internet for the more obscure things that are happening in the modular home industry I continually read articles comparing the modular housing industry with the automobile industry.  Every builder, every factory and sales rep and every reporter doing a story about our industry uses this comparison.

But every one is wrong!  The modular housing industry is like a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese.

Before you tell me that I've lost my mind we have to look at what a modular home really is.  It is assembled in a factory in modules with the best materials available, inspected at different stages along the assembly line, wrapped and shipped to the builder who puts it all together and completes the home at the job site. 

A car is assembled the same way EXCEPT when it leaves the factory it is complete and the only thing the dealer needs to do is clean it up and spray that unneeded extra cost undercoating under the chassis. 

This is not how a modular home is sent to the builder...complete and ready to occupy.  Rather it's like a box of mac and cheese.  After it's shipped to the store, you purchase it and take it home much like a builder taking delivery of the modular home sections at the jobsite.  Then the magic begins.  The home cook (mac and cheese) and the builder (modular home) both have more work to do so that everyone can enjoy the final product.  No one would think of eating mac and cheese directly from the box just like nobody would live in the unassembled sections setting on their carriers.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is the most recognizable unprepared food product in the US and even if the cook is new to the kitchen it's hard to screw it up.  Same with the modular home.  Authorized modular home builders really have to work at screwing up the new home.  Does it happen?  Sure does.  I've eaten some funky mac and cheese over the years and 99.9% of the time it's the cook's misstep that caused the problem.

But if you get a box of mac and cheese that isn't what it's supposed to be, you can write to Kraft for a refund or simply throw the inexpensive box away and not think much about the cost.  Modular homes are too expensive to throw away.  That's why there are warranties by the factory, the product manufacturers and the builder covering every single part and component of the new home.  The homeowner has a team behind the home they just purchased.

Cars and Modular Homes....NO.   Kraft Mac and Cheese and Modular Homes....Yes!

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Builder Bob said...

I love Kraft macaroni and cheese but I never thought of it in relationship to modular homes. Interesting.