Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NAHB Local Chapters Need Help with their Websites

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has chapters in every state and encourages builders, remodelers and assorted others like contractors, Realtors and lenders to join and provide strong alliances in the housing community.

So I decided to visit some of these chapter's websites and see what they were doing for their members.  I went to the NAHB website and followed the links to a map where you click on a state and find the local chapters.  I randomly chose Colorado and here is what I found chapter by chapter.  These results are typical of every state's chapters, not just Colorado.

I ranked the chapters with a STAR system. 5 stars = Excellent   4 stars = very good  3 stars = good  2 stars = poor  1 star = just aweful

Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs.  Nice website.  Easy to use and lots of information.  Organized well and has a good membership directory.  4 STARS

HBA of Northern Colorado. Average website.  Has pictures of many of the people involved in its success which is lacking from other chapter sites.  Like I said average.... 3 STARS

HBA of Northwestern Colorado.  Bright, colorful website with easy to follow links and but average information.  3 STARS

Pueblo Association of Home Builders.  This was a disappointing website.  They only have two links, one to their Home & Garden Show and the other to their Parade of Homes.  The site says that members include builders, Realtors, etc but there is no link to anything related to them.  2 STARS

Four Corners Chapter.  I consider this website worse than not having a website at all.  It's just a WordPress blog and even that is awful.  I viewed some of the links and I can't imagine anybody spending more than 15 seconds on the site.  This chapter has to go back to the drawing board.   1 STAR

Home Builders Association of Metro Denver.  This is what you would expect from a chapter.  Sharp, clean and interesting pages and links that are up to date.  Good membership directory.  5 STARS

Eagle Valley Home Builders. I'm giving this chapter 2 STARS and I'm being generous.  Outdated events and confusing links.  My 14 year old neighbor girl designs better websites than this one.

Grand County Builders Association.  Short and sweet and boring.  Barely qualifies as interesting but it does have a membership section and some generic information.  2 STARS

Mountain to Mesa Home Builders Association.  Has a link but no website.  Lights are on but nobody's home.  1 STAR

HBA of Southwest Colorado.  I was excited to enter this site when I got their homepage but it turned out to only slightly better than average.  Everything seemed to be current but it was slightly boring.  This is a 3 STAR site.

Summit County HBA.  Nice website. Good information but I was disappointed that there have been no newsletter put on the site since May of 2011.  What a missed opportunity.  3 STARS

HBA of Teller County.  Another HBA with the lights on but no one at the front door.  1 STAR

HBA of Pagosa Springs.  Nice clean website.  Easy to use and just what you should expect from an HBA chapter.  Lots of links and everything is up to date.  5 STARS

My only concern is that not one of these chapters has a blog or newsletter that is up to date. 

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