Thursday, May 24, 2012

6 Low and No Cost Marketing Tips

Finding new home builders that have never used modular homes before has always been the desire of modular factory sales managers and reps since the beginning of time.  Too many factory folks rely solely on their website to generate builder interest but I hate to be the bearer of bad news; that really doesn’t work very well.  What is needed is to reinvent your offline marketing.

Since the housing crunch began in 2008, most factories have tightened their marketing and sales generating budgets.  There are many factories that don’t even have money allocated for marketing!

So how can the sales manager and the factory reps get the word out to new home builders that have never used modular construction to at least give our industry a try without adding too much expense?    

Here are 6 Low and No Cost Marketing Tips:

  1. Direct Mailers: Direct Mailers have been around for ages and have always served to attract new leads.  In fact, they are only beaten out of the top spot for recruiting new builders by social media sites like LinkedIn and FaceBook.  For making your direct mail campaign a success, you need to write compelling and attractive sales letters or postcards. These need to grab the attention of readers and instantly make them curious enough to contact your factory sales staff.  Postcards can be low cost and very effective, depending on your copy and how well you target market.
  2. Cold calling: Even though this sounds like an irritating option, cold calling is one of the best ways to generate more leads for all offline purposes.
  3. Targeted publications: Consider advertising in niche publications which specifically cater to your target audience.  I would like to mention that Modular Home Builder is a great place to advertise your company.  Contact Modcoach for more info.
  4. Product literature: Many times if you need to attract new home builders, you will require an array of product literature documents. Things like case studies, whitepapers and analyst reports all serve to inform them about your factory. Instead of getting these created in-house, consider outsourcing the writing work, to save on overall costs.
  5. Free seminars and Open Houses:  Builders like nothing better than to take a day off from the grind of house building and visit someplace new.  Having a builder seminar where you bring in experts in Energy Star and lead generations for builders along with an Open House with factory tours will bring them like moths to a flame.  Impress them and sign them up!
  6. Write industry articles:  If you write articles about new home building and how modular is a great way to increase profits and quality, builders will consider you an expert and contact you.  Consider writing an article for Modular Home Builder.  Contact Modcoach for details.
You can make offline lead generation a part of your overall marketing strategy. Now you  can do that without investing too much into it. Use these methods and begin today!

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