Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Michelle Kaufmann Gets a New Title

Michelle Kaufmann, the self proclaimed inventor of the modular housing industry just earned a new title...Michelle Kaufmann, "the princess of building green, ├╝ber-contemporary" by a reporter in the Ottawa Citizen.

Michelle Kaufmann, "princess of building green", on the left and Al Gore, inventor of the Internet

I read this article and found myself ROFLMAO.  Reporters that rarely write about modular homes are so infatuated with MK that just about anything she says is gospel from the "princess."  When are we going to build a monument to this great woman that has turned a simple Lego and balsam wood box into what we now call the modular housing industry.

But wait a minute.  Isn't she the same person that started a modular home factory that went belly up?  I guess royalty and genius don't have to be business savvy.  And if she ever came to the East Coast or even the Midwest to try and peddle her Lego designed homes, she would fall flat on her drafting board just like Clayton has with its i-house

Stay on the West Coast and prosper Michelle.  CLICK HERE to read the BS (big story) article.


Anonymous said...

I don't know Ms. Kaufmann, and don't know why she gets under your skin. But it seems you blast her for trying to think differently and then 2 articles earlier, blast the industry because they refuse to think differently (see article "Town Confused by Definition...").
Can't have it both ways. Either you like thinking outside the box or you don't.

Coach said...

Let me explain my praise of MK. I have never met her but was put off by a statement she made a few years back that she invented modular housing. Then I saw pictures of her first Glidehouse and it looked like someone had extra Lego pieces and decided to build a box with a flat roof that looked very similar to a single wide mobile home, only a little prettier. That my friend is why I write articles about her when I see her surfacing and making statements about an industry that definitely didn't need her help.

As for the second part of your comment, I would like the modular housing industry leaders to step up and market modular as the best way to build homes but alas, they don't have a marketing plan in place. That's what I mean about thinking outside the box when it comes to modular.