Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Modular Home Factory Opens in Montana

Jobs are plentiful, but housing is hard to find and super expensive in energy boom states and provinces.

A newly formed Colorado company, Canadian-American Structured Solutions Inc, has chosen Billings, Montana as its headquarters to build modular homes to help address the critical housing shortage in 10 Western states and three Canadian provinces.

No website was found for this new factory.  D’oh, that’s one of the first things to get up and running.

They leased a large warehouse and intend to hire 100 workers by year's end to build 150 to 250 single-family homes per year.


"The volume we have on the books now is equal to our third year in our business plan, so the first two years of start-up work were thrown out the window," said Larry Nelson, CASS Homes investor and chief financial officer.
The first order of five homes will be shipped by July. The single-family homes will make up 50 percent of the business and the other half will be constructing modular multifamily buildings, even hotels. The energy-efficient homes will be trucked to permanent sites in housing-hungry towns and cities across the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain region.

Nelson said developers are talking with the company about building 100 homes in Williston, N.D., where workers are living in cramped and sometimes unsafe man camps and monthly rent for a single bedroom can be $1,200.

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