Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stop the Builder-Babble

A lot of modular home builders have a habit of imparting endless information during the first meeting with prospective modular home buyers.  I call it Builder-babble though it’s by no means exclusive to builders.

The prospective home buyers smile, nod politely and ask questions and so the Builder-babble continues on and on.  The builder comes away from the initial meeting thinking that it went really well.  The modular home builder feels confident and excited about the meeting.

The prospects on the other hand came away thinking it was a bust.  They didn’t feel affirmed or appreciated.  They were lectured to and not listened to.

It’s natural, especially during the first meeting for you, the builder, to focus on whether the conversation is going well for you.  But make sure you’re also thinking of ways to make your prospective new home buyers feel good.

Honestly, that can be as simple as asking about their day.  Then listen to what they say and go from there.  Builder-babble is a common occurrence during the first meeting and a lot of times that is the very reason there is no follow up appointment. 

Just think of the railroad crossing signal during your first meeting.   Stop, Look and Listen.

Stop – Slow down, be yourself and stop talking if you find yourself crossing over the Builder-babble track.

Look – Look at what they bring with them.  Do they have plans, a list of ideas or maybe just a few pictures cut from magazines? This is your starting point.

Listen – Listen to what they are saying.  It will give you ideas that you can expand on.  You can’t listen to what the prospects are saying if you are caught in Builder-Babble.

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