Monday, June 11, 2012

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Mini Mod

I was wondering how long it would take for the Lego heads that design some of the new age single wides to come up with the ultimate house.  Not very long, it turns out.  A company called v100Mod Box is building what can only be called the ultimate in simplicity. 

You just take a cube made mostly of recycled materials, make sure it is only 10' wide x 10' long x 10' high, build it in a factory and then have someone move themselves into it and you've got instant fame and fortune.  They are built using a proprietary system that looks surprisingly like the way single wide mobile homes are built.

I know it sounds crazy but that is what's happening in Phoenix, Arizona.  There are now 3 houses consisting of two of these cubes, one with the living and kitchen area and the other cube with the bedroom and bath areas.  They are not joined together but are attached with a covered, sided walkway.  All 3 are rentals.

At only 200 sq ft, they are only half the size of "park" models built by modular factories like Simplex Homes.  I can't understand how they were allowed to be built in a city that has a minimum square footage for rental property.  These units are renting for $875 a month which equivalent to charging $3,500 a month for an 800 sq ft apartment. 

Oh well, let me know what you think of a home that has about the same square footage as a travel trailer.  I just don't understand this as permanent housing. 

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