Thursday, June 28, 2012

LA Town Passes Modular Home Ordinance

A Louisiana city has approved an ordinance that other towns and cities throughout the US should also approve - they realize that MODULAR HOMES ARE REAL HOME!

Here is the article from the local paper:

Modular homes ordinance passes

Modular homes are now allowed in Bogalusa, LA.
In a split vote in which Wendy Perrette and Doug Ritchie represented the opposition, the City Council agreed to permit modular homes in all residential districts. Mobile homes are not permitted.
The action was the result of a previous request by Bogalusa resident Marsha May, who could not attend the meeting Tuesday due to a medical emergency.
The ordinance defines modular homes as “houses divided into multiple modules or sections, which are manufactured in a remote facility and delivered to their intended site of use. The modules are then assembled on a permanent foundation without a permanent chassis, into a single residential building. Unlike other prefabricated construction, modular homes conform to all state, local and regional codes where the structure is to be located.”
Councilwoman Oneita Graham said she had done considerable research on the subject and that the state fire marshal’s office said modular homes are “OK” and that St. Tammany Parish, which is known for its strictness, allows them.
She said that her District C “has lots of vacant lots,” and that modular homes are more generally more affordable and are “just the same as building from scratch.”
Graham added that the Public Works Department had added restrictions, such as that the homes must face the street and must visually “match up with the surrounding neighborhood,” and that the allowance would not include mobile homes such as “house trailers and double wides.”
Public Works Director James Hall said the ordinance “gives us everything we need.”
Perrette, the council vice president, said she would never be in favor of allowing pre-fabricated residences in the city. Graham said she has seen some beautiful modular construction.
The ordinance passed with a five to two vote.

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