Friday, June 29, 2012

MEDCottage Lands in DC Area

N2Care announced the first placement of the MEDCottage, a portable, modular medical home that enables families to take care of loved ones on their property as an alternative to long-term care facilities in Fairfax, Va. The 300-square-foot MEDCottage is loaded with technology and amenities for the health, wellness, safety, security and comfort of the elderly or those recovering from illness or injury.

“Today, as 78 million Baby Boomers prepare for their senior years – potentially straining nursing homes and government-funded health care programs – we’ve taken a significant step forward in redefining the role of family in healthcare,” said Ken Dupin, founder and CEO of N2Care, innovators of the MEDCottage. “The first placement with a family validates our vision – to develop an alternative model for healthcare.”

The MEDCottage combines the comforts of home with technology normally available only in medical facilities at costs less than a nursing home. It contains a family communication center that provides off-site caregivers with telemetry, environmental control and dynamic interaction using smart technology throughout the charming, comfortable modular home.

The MEDCottage features three rooms: a kitchenette with a small refrigerator, microwave, bedroom with optional hospital-caliber bed; bathroom with walk-in shower and ample room to maneuver.
It’s loaded with health- and safety-enhancing technology, many elements added since the first prototype was first available for sale a year ago. 

These include:

●    Monitors that measure a resident’s blood pressure, pulse, temperature, weight and even glucose levels
●    An optional nutrition tracker that tracks food and fluid intake.
●    A medication dispenser
●    Emergency pull cord in the bathroom
●    Optional bed sensor
●    Entry security camera
●    Front door locking status
●    Smoke and carbon monoxide sensors
●    Alarm keypad
●    Controls to change inside temperature, humidity, lighting

Some of the MEDCottage’s other optional features include:

●    A video system called Feet Sweep that monitors the floor at ankle level, so the patient would have privacy but a caregiver would know if there were a problem.
●    A lift, attached to a built-in track in the ceiling, that can move a patient from bed to bathroom so the caregiver could avoid heavy lifting.
●    Motion-sensored floor-level lighting
●    Smartcells fall protection flooring

This modular home health unit was built by Cardinal Homes for N2Care.

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