Sunday, June 17, 2012

Planning Board Approves Modular Home Plan Over Neighbor's Protests

Here we go again...another small minded California community that needed reminded that modular homes are "real" homes. 

However, if this house were site built, it wouldn't matter how ugly or poorly built it was, it would have gotten the Planning Board's approval without a peep from the community.

Planning Commission OKs Modular Home
by Andrea Swayne, Dana Point Times
The Dana Point, California Planning Commission on Monday voted 3-2 to approve a coastal development permit to allow construction of a new 2,352-square-foot, one-story, single-family home and garage on a vacant lot in Monarch Bay Terrace. 

Commissioners Norm Denton and April O’Connor cast the “no” votes.

The proposed dwelling is a modular home, a fact that about 30 residents attended the meeting to protest. Arguments ranged from a belief that the home will lower property values in the neighborhood, to calling it “just plain ugly,” to saying that it doesn’t fit with the character of the community.
I don't modular houses even if they are allowed
The architect said his company uses the same high-quality materials as traditional builders but constructs homes in a different way. The design, he said, is a beautiful modern style reminiscent of ’60s era homes, and the neighborhood has a diverse mix of styles, including ones similar to the proposed house.

Assistant City Attorney Jennifer Farrell told commissioners that state law requires that modular homes be treated the same as traditionally constructed homes and additional standards or conditions to their approval may not be added.

The application can be appealed to the City Council within 15 calendar days of the decision.

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Heywood said...

Seems that we have this same discussion once a month...and yet we never take any steps to change how the public perception of our industry....
I guess we haven't gotten hungry enough yet.