Thursday, June 21, 2012

Two New Features From Modular Home Builder

I am always trying new ways to help both the modular home builder and the factories that build their homes and I've come up with two new features that address those goals.

First, take a look at the top of the page where I have placed tabs labeled "Marketing", "Factory News", "Sales" and "Builder of the Week."  

Marketing - This will bring up articles offering insights to both the builder and the factory about getting your message out to the people looking for a new home.  As more articles about this topic are added, they will appear under this tab.  All articles are in chronological order.

Factory News - Here you will find articles about specific factories.  Learn about factory successes, failures and buyouts.

Sales - Learn techniques to help you close sales no matter if you're a modular home builder or a modular factory sales rep.  There are also articles just for Sales Managers.

Builder of the Week - This is going to be an interesting tab.  Each week I will spotlight a different builder's website from the list of New Home Builders on the right hand column.

The second new feature is the "New Home Builders" section where any modular home builder can have their company name listed with a link to their website at no cost.  It will indicate if the builder works the East Coast, Central or West Coast part of the country.  Every builder will get a week in the Builder of the Week tab.

Email Modcoach to add your company.

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