Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Using Your Jobsite as a Marketing Tool

One of my biggest pet peeves is driving past a new home jobsite and not finding any signage telling me who is building this great looking home.  I see job johnnies and dumpsters with names plastered all over them but not the home builder.

If the only thing a builder does is put a sign in the yard with a phone number and an email address I guarantee that they will get contacted by somebody looking for a new house.  Doing nothing gets you nothing.

There are many ways to market your jobsite besides a simple sign.  Here are some ways to grab prospective new home buyer's attention and get them to make an appointment.

Use a yard sign listing your name, phone number, website and your email.  Make sure you can read it from the street.  If your prospect is not dressed for the dirt and mud of a jobsite and they can't read the sign from the road they will just keep going down the street.

Use a sales box.  You can buy these boxes at any lumber box store.  It makes a great way to put your literature in the prospects hands.  Place the box near the curb so that people don't have to walk onto the jobsite.  Better yet, attach it to your signage.

Place a sign on the jobsite about a week before the house arrives inviting people to watch the new home being set.  If people know it's going to happen within a few days, their curiosity will get the better of them and come to watch the "new fangled" house being built.

Invite the local media.  Call your local newspaper, TV station or local magazines and invite them to the house set.  FREE advertising!

Keep the jobsite clean!  Take an extra 5 minutes every day and police the area picking up garbage, packing materials and debris.  Nobody wants to look at a filthy jobsite.

Hold an Open House.  When the house is just about completed, ask your home owners for permission to hold an Open House.  Put signage in the front yard with the date and time and place an ad in your local penny shopper.  If the carpet is shipped installed in the house from the factory, make sure that it is protected when you invite people to see the house.

There are other small things you can do that don't cost much money but will get you appointments but it's up to you.  There is no Fairy Princess coming to your jobsite to cast a spell on people to make them contact you...that princess is you!

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