Sunday, July 8, 2012

Boston Globe Falls in Love With a Modular Home

I can rest easier now that one of the biggest newspapers in the nation has written a story about modular housing without mentioning manufactured housing.  The article features a house produced by Haven Homes in Selinsgrove, PA and built by the Sandcastle Group, the company that sold it to the new homeowners.

I continually try to show the benefits of contacting newspapers and TV stations when you build a unique modular home in your area as the results of this free advertising can bring a lot of new prospective buyers to your door.  Both Haven Homes and Sandcastle Group have gotten a lot of hits on their websites because of this article and the picture that went with it.

One thing to note when you visit the Sandcastle Group's site is the use of "call to action" buttons; one telling you about a clinic and the other about a coupon.  Nice work guys.

CLICK HERE to read the article

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