Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cutting Edge Homes Uses YouTube Effectively

Cutting Edge Homes, the California company that offers both modular and finish panel construction uses video better than just about any builder out there. This month they set three homes at the same time next door to each other and shot video of the whole thing.

Now whenever one of their prospective home buyers wants to see what they will be getting from Cutting Edge, all they have to do is go to YouTube and search for Cutting Edge.  TaDa!  A marketing device that works 24/7/365 is there waiting to show off their homes and how modular is constructed.

Here again, this is marketing and not sales!  Sales follow marketing and these guys have a great handle on it.

Check out this video where they explain what goes into building a foundation for their homes and then watch the construction of the three houses.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you are building a foundation that tall why not a little taller and have a usable basement?

Isaac Lassiter said...


This project is in a flood-plain, so it has to be up that high. With 8' walls on the first and second story and a very low pitch roof (2.5/12) it is 3 inches below the max allowable height. This is in the California Coastal Commission zone with rigid planning codes based on air-flow between houses, sunlight requirements, and view corridors. A full basement would be a wonderful idea, but it would create a not allowed use below the floodplain height and make the house too tall to permit.

Tim Watson said...

Nice Isaac.