Monday, August 13, 2012

Affinity Homes Builds Country Living's 2012 Home of the Year

Affinity Building Systems, located in Lakeland, Georgia, was the builder for the 2012 Country Living Magazine Home of the Year.  It was shipped to New York City and assembled. It is a grouping of three small modules; one housing a gourmet kitchen, one is the living room/office and the third one is the bedroom unit. My only problem with the three separate units is getting up in the middle of the night and having to go outside to get to the kitchen. Hope you're wearing your pj's.

The project is located on the North Cove Marina in the World Financial Center and  is featured in this month's issue.  Country Living Home of the Year.

Overall Site Plan
Bedroom Unit
Kitchen Unit

Living Room/Office Unit


Isaac Lassiter, Cutting Edge Homes said...

Tim Watson from Affinity is the driving force behind high-profile homes like this. Tim helped design and implement the architectural partnerships of Haven Homes out of their S. Carolina division before it closed a few years ago, and later moved to Affinity. I would expect more substantial marketing coups and growth for Affinity as long as Tim is involved. He is putting together exactly the type of positive, new-market marketing campaigns that the "Coach" is always advocating for.

Tim Watson said...


You need to cook more fish! Separate kitchens are the must have accessory for the upscale Southern Fisherman. Actually they are meant to be stand alones, (just an office, just a guest house.) They idea of joining them as one home is intriguing. Sort of a double dog trot.

The bigger concept is to assemble perfect modules in to the house that you want. Or grow your house over time. Add the master bedroom when you can afford it. etc.

Isaac, thanks for the kind words. It gets lonely on the soapbox sometimes.

Tim Watson

Coach said...

I can taste the catfish and red beans and rice right now. My wife is demanding that I remodel our kitchen. Maybe I'll just get one of your "southern" kitchens, attach it to the deck and turn the old kitchen into a man cave.