Friday, August 10, 2012

Ed Langley, Former Excel Homes Owner, Passed Away This Week

Obituary for Mr. Edmund K. Langley

Edmund K. Langley died on August 8, 2012. He was surrounded by his family. He is survived by Linda, his wife and friend of 43 years, his three children – Erin Langley, Matthew Langley, and Gwynne Langley Rivers, his grandson, Benjamin Rivers and his son- and daughter-in-law, Nate Rivers and Minakshi Radhakrishnan. He also leaves five siblings and many aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

Ed was full of energy and curiosity. He loved his life. He said he was grateful to have had so many great adventures and to have had the time to do just about everything he wanted to do. He was raised in Johnstown, NY and Roanoke, VA. In his 20’s, he joined the US Army. He served two tours in Vietnam, earning two Bronze Stars, a Meritorious Service Medal and a Joint Service Commendation Medal. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska, Omaha and his MBA at Harvard Business School.

After business school, Ed went on to have a diverse management career, working in many industries and for many companies. He achieved his life long dream of working for himself when he purchased and ran Excel Homes from 1998 – 2005. He loved the modular home building industry, was passionate about the people with whom he worked, and couldn’t stay away after retirement, becoming involved with Haven Homes in 2010. He also dedicated much of his time to investing in start-up companies and mentoring their management teams. 

Outside of work, Ed was committed to his family and close friends. He was a great father, mentor, and friend to his children. He was a passionate reader and student of history, he loved the outdoors and walked and biked many miles on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He enjoyed sailing and recently became a scuba diving enthusiast. He traveled extensively, both with Linda and with a group of friends who explored historic battlefields all over the world.

Ed valued character, integrity, generosity, humor, curiosity, and intellect and he embodied those values throughout his life. He faced his sudden battle with melanoma with courage, dignity, and grace. His life has been an inspiration to us all. We miss him terribly but are so grateful to have shared our lives with such an extraordinarily good man.

Ed will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery this fall. In the interim, the family will host a celebration of his life on August X, 2012 at XYZ.

In lieu of flowers, please consider making a gift in Ed’s memory. Gifts may be directed to support the Melanoma Program Fund at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center or the Civil War Trust.

To support the Melanoma Program Fund at Johns Hopkins, please make checks payable to Johns Hopkins University. Gifts may be mailed with a memo indicating that this gift is in memory of Edmund Langley to the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, 100 North Charles Street, Suite 234, Baltimore, MD 21201 or make a gift online.

To support the Civil War Trust, please make checks payable to the Civil War Trust. Gifts may be mailed with a memo indicating that this gift is in memory of Edmund Langley to the Civil War Trust, 1140 Professional Court, Hagerstown, MD 21740 or make a gift online

For correspondence with the family:

Linda Langley
25181 Irish Creek Court
Royal Oak, MD 21662

Erin Langley
3817 Porter Street NW #303
Washington, DC 20016

Matt Langley and Minakshi Radhakrishnan
1389 Jefferson Street #D-611
Oakland, CA 94612

Gwynne Langley Rivers and Nate Rivers
531 Dakota Drive
Herndon, VA 20170 


suzette said...

I worked for Mr. Langley as a laboer at Excel then Haven Homes He has always showed the most respect for all his employees. While at Excel Mr. and Mrs Langley were very involved with the operation and knew most of us by first name he many times did things for us that was above and beyond. He will truley missed I was honored to work for such a great man.... Suzette

Anonymous said...

I too worked for Ed at Excel and viewed him as a true mentor. His passion and drive for success was unmatched. My thoughts and prayers go out to Linda and his family

Jack Vincent said...

Jack Vincent wrote....

Ed and I served in the 5th US Artillery Group in Buren, Germany in the early 70s and kept in contact periodically afterwards.

Ed, without question, was the most intelligent, competent and professional officer in our unit. He was straightforward and honest, and always had the best interest of the soldiers and his unit in mind.

I just wish I had known of his illness and had the chance to say goodby to him and tell him what an outstanding Army officer and person I thought he was.

After he left the service, he displayed the same professional approach in his schooling and with his business as he did in the Army.

He always loved his family and it showed.

Ed will be missed greatly.

Holly James said...

Thanks for sharing! My mom always loved visiting show homes in Calgary and would frequently see his wife. They became friends and my mom has always spoken highly of him. I didn't know him personally but know he touched many peoples lives.

Anonymous said...

In the interim, the family will host a celebration of his life on August X, 2012 at XYZ.

Really? August X, 2012 at XYZ ?? This is your idea of quality control and commitment to excellence etc etc ? Shame.