Thursday, August 23, 2012

Modular Home Takes 11 Weeks on the Production Line

The idea of a modern prefab that looks like a modified single wide trailer and built as a 'one-off" isn't unique to the boutique builders on the West Coast of the United States.  They can also be found in British Columbia, Canada. Technically just up the coast.

In 2008, PreFabulous Homes built their Eco-Fabulous home for the British Columbia Home and Garden Show.  It featured a 1,000 sq ft L-shaped home that looks very similar to two single wide i-houses.  The interior is beautiful and the building products used were both green and energy saving.

What I noticed when I watched the video below is the timeline to actually produce the home….11 weeks and it appears that this is the only house in the “factory.”  59 working days to delivery would mean that their maximum capacity is 5-7 homes a year.

The modules do appear to be built in a production line factory as noted by the wheels on them and the use of wall panels.  I just can’t imagine a regular modular home factory allowing their production lines to be tied for 11 weeks to produce just one house. The factory must have built this "offline."

I guess that’s why they need to get over $300 a sq ft for them. 

Enjoy the video.  The house turned out very nice and I could actually live in it but I would never pay that much when I could have a big modular factory turn out the same house for about 75% less.

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